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* Bringing Arts, Culture & Community together one project at a time.

"We're not here to do what everyone else is doing, we're here to show them how to do it differently."

Terry City 

Co-Founder, Steel Titan 

A B O U T   S T E E L  T I TA N  : 

STEEL TITAN  is an LA based media production company focusing on developing high-profile, unique, true-life stories in both scripted and non-scripted for all media platforms and audiences worldwide. Co-founded by Emmy® award-winning writer/director, Cayman Grant and long-time business partner, Terry City, a veteran of the entertainment and digital industry (BuzzFeed, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Vice Media, Yahoo Entertainment).


Terry City

Co-Founder, Steel Titan 


With over 20 years experience, Terry City is a veteran of the entertainment and digital industry. As the co-founder of Steel Titan Productions, he has produced numerous award-winning films including the Emmy® Award winning ESPN: 30 for 30, Playing for the Mob. Over his career, Terry has served in executive roles at Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo Entertainment, Vice, Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

Cayman grant

Co-Founder, Steel Titan 

As co-founder of Steel Titan Entertainment, Cayman Grant is not only an Emmy® Award winning director and a writer but has over a decade of C-level executive experience in the entertainment and medical technology industry. Helping to build several start-up companies and most recently starting and hosting her own successful podcast about race & equality, Cayman's versatility knows no boundaries. She has a proven track record for building successful sustainable businesses. A natural leader with a strong sense and actions toward social justice and innovation for change also allows for the future of Steel Titan's corporate commitments to be identifiable, manageable and ultimately achievable.

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