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O U R   M I S S I O N  :

STEEL TITAN  is an Emmy-award winning Black and female-owned LA based media production company whose mission it is to create and produce conscious, thought-provoking content for audiences world wide. Focused on developing high-profile, unique, true-life stories in both scripted and non-scripted for all media platforms. Co-founded by Emmy® award-winning writer/director, Cayman Grant and long-time business partner, Terry City, a veteran of the entertainment and digital industry (BuzzFeed, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Yahoo Entertainment), Steel Titan has acquired various high-profile, unique, historical and true-life and contemporary stories in both scripted and non-scripted for all media platforms.


Steel Titan is committed to being a socially and racially conscious production company aiming to build a better world by creating avenues and opportunities focusing on diversity and inclusion for the disabled, under-represented and those often forgotten within our society and industry. 

O U R  C O R E  V A L U E S :

We are committed to:

  • Social Innovation

  • Community Service

  • Equality

  • Social Justice

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Diversity

  • Equitable Business

  • Human Rights

We will do this by being:

  • Authentic

  • Adventurous

  • Advocates of justice

  • Bold

  • Compassionate

  • Competent

  • Contributors

  • Creators

  • Curious

  • Fair

  • Fun

  • Kind

  • Open

  • Respectful

  • Responsible

O U R  T E A M:

Terry City​ - C.E.O, Co-Founder

Cayman Grant - President, Co-Founder

Matt O'Neill - Head of Production

Andy Billman - Vice President, Non-Scripted

Emmy-Winning Former ESPN executive, oversaw dozens of 30 for 30 program & documentaries

Terrell Jones - Advisor, Branding & Sponsorships, Former Sport Agent, NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach, Deputy Sheriff & Air Force Veteran

Kim Russell - ADDY Award winning Creative Director

Hailey Chown - Production Coordinator, Asst to Cayman Grant

Nicholas Gutierrez - Creative Executive

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