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C O N S C I O U S    C O M M U N I T Y    O U T R E A C H :

Steel Titan not only wants to tell stories with meaning but we also want to give back and support organizations that help the disadvantaged in the process. We call it “Conscious Filmmaking” where we are committed to hiring diverse talent, production crews, donating a percentage of profits to the underserved communities where we work and film across the country and globe. 


Because of our commitment to racial equality and economic opportunity, we welcome partners who share these same values and want to contribute and want to help create a more equitable entertainment industry and world.


How We Do It:

We’ve committed to partnering with like-minded production companies who have a like-minded approach to social innovation.

Moreover, we've dedicated our company to the following commitments and service:

Conscious Filmmaking Program — A shadow program for young folks and those without access to work on a set or office in the entertainment industry. The importance of this program is showing and allowing folks who have no access to have the opportunity to see what we do and how they can see a possible career for themselves. This opportunity is open to folks from all walks of life and experiences.

Our productions will seek out and use Black and minority-owned vendors

A percentage of Steel Titan profits will go towards programs in within minority & disadvantaged communities-- focusing first on the communities with which we work nationally. 

A commitment to ensuring our production staff and teams are made up of at least 50% minority & under-represented employees.

A percentage of all selected projects that will be developed and filmed will be dedicated to the themes of social & racial justice.


By facilitating and creating collegiate scholarships for minority students to participate in entertainment programs - ie; Penn State Hollywood Program.

Several continued Jobs Training & mentorships

Through all of our programs, we will continue to promote social innovation through supporting, hiring and developing the following groups of under-represented & disenfranchised:

  • Minority entrepreneurs

  • Minorities & Women

  • People with disabilities

  • Mature/Older Views & the Elderly 

  • Military & Veterans

  • Non-violent criminal offenders

  • Immigrants

  • Hospice Caregiving

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