Director:  Cayman Grant

Screenwriter:  Cayman Grant, Amy Lambert

Genre:  Drama 


Inspired by true events, Butterflies is a teenage story about a cancer survivor who lives life to the fullest with a new friend who is dying of Leukemia. It is a compelling short film about teen-angst, love and loss surrounding Libby and Gavin... who have formed an unlikely friendship while both facing cancer head-on.


Director:  Cayman Grant

Screenwriter:  Cayman Grant

Genre:  Family


His Good Will  -- starring Donis Leonard Jr., Ashley Jones and James Avery.


A young boy with nothing to offer still gives with all of his heart.



Director:  Cayman Grant

Screenwriter:  Cayman Grant & James Peoples

Genre:  Horror, Thriller


THE BOY is a horror film about an immigrant African family that performs a dangerous ritual on their son who they believe is possessed by evil.


The film will be screened at film festivals worldwide beginning in January 2015.

Director:  Cayman Grant

Screenwriter:  Cayman Grant

Genre:  Comedy

Tagline: There are few who know us like our mother's do.


SOUP LADLE  -- starring Arita Trahan, Jeff Kite, Henrietta Meire


A soup ladle goes missing and Jess and his female roommate suspect his mom stole it.


Director:  Cayman Grant

Screenwriter:  Cayman Grant

Genre:  Romance


LEAP OF FATE -- Starring Cayman Grant, Ben Furmaniak, Dee Dee Ouzts and Mike Baldridge


A woman sees an ad for the man of her dreams in the local newspaper and decides to check it out.




Director:  Derek Dow

Screenwriter:  Alisha Cowan

Genre:  Comedy , Family


The Big Chop follows 10 year old Kris on her natural hair journey of self love and acceptance. Once a die hard lover of her big afro, negative hints from her mom and teasing on the playground causes Kris to get a perm. She continues to perm her hair as an adult until one day she has had enough. She stands in the mirror, and does the 'big chop.' What follows after the chop is a pure emotional roller-coaster. 

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